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Tiger Lee Clarke (born under Tohkaixin Lanying Clarke), is a Singaporean-Canadian animator, actor, voice actor, director, prop maker, former street artist, activist, businesswoman, singer, musician, entrepreneur, and producer who is the creator of ICHC Channel. She founded ICHC Holdings in 1997.


She was born in Victoria, British Columbia on September 2, 1976 to a Canadian father and a Singaporean mother. By birth, and like all of her other family members from this line, she was granted dual citizenship on the basis of her parental origin. According to a 2012 interview, her mother left Singapore after Imperial Japan rose to power. Tiger was born with the name Tohkaixin and the middle name Lanying, as her mother wanted to name her for her Singaporean ancestors, but her father wanted none of her involvement in naming her. A year after her birth, she was renamed Tiger Lee Clarke.

As a kid, she enjoyed drawing tin cans, and she loved watching documentaries about animals (this obsession is what inspired her television series Canimals). She also began her cat obsession as a kid also.

She has worked on commercials since 1988, when she was at age 12, being the youngest director of a commercial in 1989.

In 1997, at age 21, she started up ICHC, Inc. in her garage. Her parents and sister were early investors in the company.

Despite her work not typically being a very lucrative career, she's done so much work that she now owns a ranch where she lives.

In 2016, Tiger Lee Clarke became a public speaker on college campuses, where she has been known to verbally attack hecklers. She has since spoken on topics such as social justice and the 2017 international sex scandal, both in her personal appearances and in her cartoons. Her contentious public persona as of late was captured on her 2017 comedy LP, Tiger Lee Clarke on Campus. The album features her interaction with students at UVic on such topics as "feminism", "humanitarianism", "transgenderism" (Tiger hates it), and "police brutality".

Tiger celebrated her 40th birthday in 2016. Around the same time, she published her memoir, "I am Tiger." In the new memoir, Tiger accused former production members Theresa Hendren and Leelan Burke of Singaphobia. She claims that Theresa had a collection of World War 2 Japanese propaganda and that Burke used to make racist jokes about Tiger's father's Quebecois hertiage.