The End

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(Kammie is walking to school, since the school bus was unable to start that day. She is crossing the street towards the school, and is about halfway across the crosswalk. Suddenly, she is hit by a garbage truck.)

*brake screech*

Kammie: *screams, followed by silence*

Xandra: Oh my gosh! Did anyone hear that?

(Xandra runs off school grounds and to the crosswalk. She sees Kammie's bloodied body.)

Xandra: Kammie? Are you okay? Kammie? I'm gonna call 911.

(Xandra gets her phone out of her pocket and calls 911.)

Operator: This is 911. What's your emergency?

Xandra: Hello? I'm at Highpoint Middle School. My best friend, Kamilla Delgado, got hit by a garbage truck while walking across the crosswalk on St. James Street, and she seems to be unresponsive.

Operator: Emergency services are on their way.

(Meanwhile, the body on the road is noticed by a crossing guard. She stops all the traffic until emergency services can get there.)

(When emergency services arrive...)

Paramedic: This seems to be a vehicular collision. Let's get this poor girl onto the stretcher so we can get her to hospital.

(When the ambulance gets to the hospital...)

Paramedic: Let's measure this girl's heart rate.

(The heart monitor flatlines. Kammie is dead.)

Paramedic: This seems to be the Kamilla Delgado who lived with her sisters and parents at 2718 Alexandra Avenue. I'll give them a call.

(The paramedic calls Kammie's parents.)

Paramedic: Hello. Is this Paul or Chastity Delgado?

Kammie's Mom: This is Chastity Delgado.

Paramedic: One of your daughters is dead.

Kammie's Mom: Which one? They all left for school half an hour ago.

Paramedic: An 11-year-old female.

Kammie's Mom: OH MY GOD! KAMMIE'S DEAD! I'll tell her sisters when they get home from school, and my husband when he gets home from work. *starts crying*


(The driver of the garbage truck was pulled over later after swerving wildly across a highway, and after a breathalyzer test, was sent to jail for 30 days, but after it was learned that his drunk driving was responsible for Kammie's death, he was sentenced to life for vehicular manslaughter. Kammie's funeral was held on what would have been her 12th birthday; July 20, 2020.)