The Birth of Kayla

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(December 26, 202█)

(Kammie and her sisters are at the hospital, watching their mom give birth. Their dad is busy working as a lawyer.)

Kammie's Mom: Oh god! It hurts so bad!

Kandy: What did you except?

Kammie's Mom: How did you know about all this stuff? Don't tell me I already have grandkids, and I don't know about it!

Kandy: I've read about it. No, you don't have any grandkids. (Not yet, anyway.)

(After the baby comes out, the nurse cuts the umbilical cord.)

Nurse: It's a girl!

Kammie's Mom: Now, I'll let one of my very special daughters name the baby.

Kandy: Let me name it!

Kammie: No, let me name it!

Kandy: No, let ME name it! I'm older than you!

Kammie: No, let ME name it! I won't play mean pranks on the baby, like I know you will the minute after we get home!

(After half an hour of arguing...)

Kristy: I have an idea! My name starts with a K! My big sisters' names start with a K! I have a classmate named Kayla! Let's name the baby Kayla!

Kammie's Mom: That's a beautiful name! Thank you, Kristy!

Kammie and Kandy (together): Thank you, Kristy, for stopping the argument before it got nasty.

(When they get home....)

Kammie's Mom: Where should I put the baby's crib? We don't have a spare room.

Kammie: Put it in Kandy's room! She always plays mean pranks on me and Kristy, and for that, she doesn't deserve any sleep!

Kandy: No, put it in Kammie's room! She always snitches on me and gets me in trouble!

Kammie's Mom: Don't fight with each other! The baby's crib should not be a punishment!

Kristy: Put it in my room! I named her Kayla! I want to watch her grow up!

Kammie's Mom: That's a great idea! Let me assemble the crib.

(After the crib has been assembled and put into Kristy's room...)

Kammie's Mom: This is the best Boxing Day of my life!

Kammie: Thank goodness that we had Kristy, because if we hadn't, then me and Kandy would still be fighting, and the baby wouldn't have any name.

(A few hours later, Kammie's dad comes home.)

Kristy: Daddy! I named the baby!

Kammie's Mom: That's right. Kandy and Kammie wouldn't stop fighting over who got to name the baby, but they didn't actually come up with any names. Kristy is a sweet little girl, unlike her older sisters who always fight with each other. So she named the baby "Kayla".

Kammie's Dad: Can I see Kayla?

Kristy: She's sleeping in my room! Come upstairs, Daddy!

(Kammie's dad comes upstairs and goes into Kristy's room. He sees baby Kayla sleeping in her crib.)

Kammie's Dad: Aww.... This is the best Christmas present I could hope for!

Moral: Arguing with your siblings gets you nowhere.