The Alexis Show (Seasons 1-3)

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The Alexis Show(a.k.a. Theresa Kaine's All New Adult Party Cartoon) is an Keclian animated television series made for Network Seven and produced by KMF Studios, MTM Enterprises, and Seven Productions. The series is a sister series to the universal acclaimed Kammie and Friends.

Why It Sucks

  1. The show is basically a Keclian version of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon".
  2. Horrible writing.
  3. The characters like to smoke pot, eat poop, and drink pee.
  4. It's too inappropriate for kids or teens, unlike the later seasons, which are appropriate for teens.
  5. The humor is nothing more than absurd value, which is weird, disturbing, and bad. It also had jokes about poop, which can be disgusting for people that are easily grossed out.
  6. Disturbing and cruel moments in the show, such as killing/abusing animals, suicide, torment, sexual harassment, etc.
  7. It has even more violence than the later seasons.
  8. Because of its racism, it can essentially be an eleven-minute long "It's for adults only!" excuse, as well as a middle finger to the fans of the later seasons due to disrespecting the content and characterization.
  9. Inappropriate moments, such as some of the characters twerking in some of the episodes, as seen in "My Little Ass".
  10. It has too much blood and gore.
  11. Too much sex.
  12. Contains a lot of bad words. There are several uses of "son of a bitch", "bitch", "dumbass", "shit", "bullshit", "retarded", "damn", "hell", "fuck", "ass", "asshole", "crap", "pussy", "cunt", and "twat".
  13. It can get too racist. In "Holy **** Caleb", Alexis said "n*gger" to Caleb.
  14. It has nudity.
  15. There are some bloody scenes in the show. For example, one episode has Mimi badly injured with no legs. There was also an episode where Alexis actually loses her eye onscreen and one episode had a violent, but bloodless and cartoony death of Mimi.
  16. There are some sexual mentions in the show. There are three episodes that contains sexual content, including an episode where Caleb is actually naked, an episode where Mimi opens a door in an attempt to find Alexis, only to see a woman having sex with a man, and an episode where Alexis and her boyfriend Caleb have sex together, only for her friends to join in, thus Alexis's private time with her boyfriend becomes an orgy.
  17. Every single emotional or dramatic moment falls flat or is very hypocritical and insincere due to its mean-spirited tone, and use of humor at wrong moments.
  18. A lot of very bad episodes.
  19. Most of the endings to the episodes are unsatisfying and mean-spirited.
  20. Most of the humor's either disgusting, confusing, mean-spirited, or over reliant on pop culture references and cutaway gags.
  21. The animation isn't as lively as it is now. Although the animation of the series still isn't really all that amazing to begin with, the later seasons at least have some effort put into the animation.
  22. Many endings in the episodes can be misleading.
  23. The conflict in most episodes is extremely forced.
  24. A lot of the songs are crude and offensive (example: The Canadian Nudie Bars song).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation is still great as the original franchise.
  2. A handful of jokes are funny.
  3. Not all of the writing is horrible. Some of the writing in the show is decent; for example TBA, TBA TBA and TBA
  4. The voice acting is very good.
  5. A few good episodes
  6. The series gets much better in Season 4.
  7. Season 4 is a major improvement.
  8. The Season 1-3 DVDs has great interviews with the writers and storyboard artists and how they came up with the ideas for the episodes.
  9. Since Season 4, the show has improved, as season 4 mostly makes good or decent episodes.
  10. Some endings are decently funny.
  11. There are some pretty good story ideas and episodes.