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Stars are the secondary paid currency on Toad Town Online. Stars are one of two currencies on the platform alongside Coins.


Main article: Scam

Stars are most often acquired by directly purchasing them on the TTO website, because most players do not earn enough via ToadEX or sellable goods to obtain the items or features they want in order to enjoy their time on the platform comfortably.

As a result of this, many players who have never spent any real money or have only spent a small amount on TTO often resort to begging, and there are also malicious users who attempt to scam users in order to take their Stars or other valuable assets (including the account itself).

Prime Examples

  • "❤Redeem TONS of STARS❤ and ACCESS to 💲EVERY Minigame for FREE💲! No information🔐, no anything! Just get a 🎁code🎁, and redeem here! It's simple, easy, and 😁free😁! Go to the following link👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "👉Simply go to the following link: 👉 [SCAM SITE] 👈 Unlock every Minigame and get thousands of Stars. This is in appreciation of being an active player. TTHQ thanks you for joining this group. 😍 Redeem your code Instantly. 👉Simply go to the following link: 👉 [SCAM SITE]"
  • "Hello. As an appreciation for playing Toad Town Online, you have been qualified to receive a Toad Town game card code for thousands of Stars instantly for free. Redeem your game card instantly, simply go to [SCAM SITE]. No information or download is required!"
  • "Hi There, You are eligible to receive thousands of Stars immediately. Your code: [RANDOM CODE]. Get your redemption codes before its too late! Go to [SCAM SITE]!"
  • "That's right THOUSANDS of Stars for free, no account information, NO DOWNLOAD, simply fill your username."
  • "Do you want Stars absolutely FREE? Tired of scams? No login info or downloads! Simply go to the following link: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "GUYS! I got MEMBERSHIP STARS LIMITED ITEM from joining This GAME! This is the safest way to Earn STARS!▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 【Working】【Free】【Not fake】【Not joke】【Just Wait for 】 【Follow Rules】【Golden】 here the LINK: [SCAM GAME]"
  • "🍀I got thousands of Stars and access to EVERY Minigame just by getting a code.🍀Tired of scams?💚No login info or downloads!💚👉Simply go to the following link👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "😎TTHQ is giving access to ALL Minigames and Thousands of Stars throughout the entire summer to everyone! This is an official event so no info needed. Go to the following link for your code 👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "🔥🔥HAPPY [MONTH]🔥🔥 To celebrate the start of a new month we will be giving away thousands of stars🍀💚🍀💚🍀💚 . To qualify to go to [SCAM SITE] this is an official event so no info is needed 😍😍 Limited time left!"
  • "🔥To celebrate 🌟 Vlokozu Day TTHQ is rewarding 👑EVERY👑 player with access to EVERY Minigame😍and Thousands of Stars 😍. All you need to do is get your code INSTANTLY at the following link:👉: [SCAM SITE] then redeem it instantly at: 👉Don't forget in order to redeem 🤴 you need to get your 💎code💎 first by going to the following link👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "Here is how to get free Stars. First, go to [SCAM SITE] and then enter your username and select how much Stars you want. We will then attempt to connect to TTO's servers. Due to our site being commonly used by spambots, you might have to complete human verification. Simply select an offer and then complete the survey, and then the Stars will be awarded to your account!"
  • "💚Redeem Stars Instantly💚🍀No info required!🍀 💚Just get a code, and redeem here!💚 🍀It's easy & 💲FREE💲!🍀 👍Instant Redemption!👍 👉Check out the following link👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "🍀Want Stars?🍀💚Access to Every Minigame Too?💚🍀Tired of scams?🍀💚No info or downloads!💚🍀Instant redemption!🍀💚 Redeem NOW for FREE!💚👉Get your code at the following link and yes its a link👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "👉If you are viewing this message that means you are qualified to unlock minigames, and stars Instantly. 👈 💥Get your code for Stars now for FREE💥. Get your code now at this link👉: [SCAM SITE]"
  • "[PLAYERNAME] Just got TONS of Stars for free at [SCAM SITE]. Go to this website and earn thousands of free stars today!"
  • "[PLAYERNAME] just got TONS of Stars using [SCAM LINK]! Visit [SCAM LINK] in your browser to generate stars instantly!"
  • "🧡If you see this you're selected⭐️. Processed Instantly for tons of Stars. No info needed! Unlock VIP. Simply get your promotion today! 👉Go see the link: [SCAM SITE]"
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  • "Want Stars? Go to [SCAM SITE] on your browser to start earning today! Use promocode [CODE]!"
  • "Don't have enough Stars for minigames? 🎮 Can't afford items?👓 💸Go to ➡️[SCAM SITE]⬅️ in your browser to start earning Stars today!💸 Use promocode Snowman ☃️ !"
  • "yo I just got stars at [SCAM SITE]"

The bots are often the default player model when you make a new account, showing that they were made specifically to send spam messages. Additionally, many bots share similar basic avatars. TTHQ encourages players to click the Report Abuse button and report these bot accounts. If there is a scam website, players can email the link to

Scam Bots

These bots are programmed by an individual or group seeking account access to gain personal information like passwords or to take items from the account like stars or limiteds. They are most commonly found in comment sections of games and items. They will usually say things along the lines of "THATS RIGHT, I received 25k Stars INSTANTLY from (scamsite.suffix) and no information is needed!".

Some, however, may use the "/me" command after joining a game, which allows a username to become white in chat, and stand out, having only the name and no special characters ("USERNAME -Message-" instead of "[USERNAME]: -Message-"), for example: "/me just got TONS of STARS! Visit (scamsite.) to generate FREE STARS instantly!", where "/me" becomes the Username. However, the /me command has been removed due to spambots, bots now simply type them out without the /me command. 

Those that join games generally look like the default Toad(ette), or wear free clothes from the avatar shop. If you see the player tab has players such as "TTHQ" or another admin, they are fake and there to trick you into thinking the game is legit and being used or being visited by a TTHQ Employee.

Due to this, the /me command was disabled by default in all servers on May 17, 2019.