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A sponsored party is a type of party on Toad Town Online which sponsors and advertises a usually kid-friendly upcoming TV series, movie, or game.

Usually, rooms featured in sponsored parties would offer special badges which are only available from the start of the party until it ends, and also may have how to obtain it in its description. To obtain these badges, players would often have to find one or more hidden objects related to the event scattered all over the room. Some prizes cannot be physically seen, but instead be obtained by completing an objective instead of finding it. Some hidden prizes may also emit sparkles. When a player collects or earns the prize(s) related to the event, they would earn the badge corresponding to the prize.


Many users have criticized sponsored parties for their low-quality prizes and for them being too simple to earn, and for most of them being mainly targeted at younger users. Some users have described sponsored parties as "boring" and "rushed". Users have also stated that they took a relatively short amount of time to obtain each item. Several users have also suggested developers to make it more of a challenge to actually obtain all of the prizes.