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Queensville is a fictional city and the main setting of Kammie's World. The city is located in New Columbia, Keclia. It is located near Kingsville.

For many years since the franchise it was unknown where the city would be, it was just like Springfield's unknown state, however Kammie's World creator Theresa Kaine said that Queensville would be in New Columbia just because she was born and raised in New Victoria which is also in New Columbia.

Just like Springfield from The Simpsons, it has a twin city named Kingsville, based on New Vancouver. Both Queensville and Kingsville are rivals. The city was founded during the Great Depression by Jerry Queensville. Queensville seems to be a big city. It features a neighborhood, elementary schools, kindergartens, middle schools, high schools, colleges, a baseball stadium, a football stadium, a soccer stadium, an airport, a harbor, movies theaters, a downtown district, an uptown district, a dump, a mall, a bowling place, a chinatown and a japantown.