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The common explanation for the different experiences and occurances people have with Windows XP is the belief that every copy of Windows XP is personalised. It changes and adapts to the user in different ways to adhere to their desires, usage, and computer experience. This is done through an experimental personalisation artifical intelligence which seems to pull assets from the OS and modify them to the user's needs.

The personalisation of a user's copy of Windows XP can be noticed easily by using another person's copy of Windows XP. Many players have noted how strange or unfamiliar another person's copy of Windows XP can be. This is most noticeable with the most commonly circulated ISO of Windows XP on the internet. This ISO only contains some of the surface level changes that the OS has to offer.

The concept of personalisation has blown up on the internet due to the many bizarre anomalies it spurs, with the most strangest and expansive being documented by many.