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NTN (the National Television Network) was an American terrestrial TV network that operated from 1960 until 1985. They broadcast a total of 1,050 television programs on both the public and private airways. With 25 years of history, and the same staff to continue that heritage and expertise, NTN was the premier fourth television network in the United States. NTN broadcast in over 175 markets, including every part of the country. The network aired in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. It was the first network to air two hours of live news and two hours of current affairs each day, as well as 24 hours of children's programming and eight hours of live sports per week. In addition to its television stations, NTN owned and operated newspapers and other publications. After being acquired by Ceptua Communications, NTN became part of the rival Delta network in 1985 and was renamed DBC.