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Miraheze Terms and Conditions revision twenty eight (April 12 2019):

  1. By requesting a wiki on Miraheze's servers, contributing to such a wiki or associated projects you:
    • Officially agree to work for Miraheze for free.
    • Have no rights. Not a sausage. You don't even have the rights to the clothes you are standing in when you sign up to Miraheze.
  2. Miraheze reserve the right to mangle and deface our wikis beyond all recognition and overrule the wishes of any individual community regardless of what is morally right.

Community policy

  1. All communities are treated with equal contempt, except AllTheTropes. If AllTheTropes were to leave, we'd be screwed, so don't even think about it, mush. We can crush you with our high powered lawyers and CC-BY-SA license, under which we can do anything we please.
  2. Miraheze do not care what you think, though we will pretend to take your opinion on board just to make you feel special.
  3. We reserve the right to go back on all 'promises' and revert any edits you make. Miraheze know what is best for every one of our 1,000,001 wikis even though our administrators have visited just three of them.
  4. Any wiki found not to be complying with our vision of what a wiki should look like will have their IP tracked. A Miraheze drone with a large vocabulary but low wit will come round to the house/flat/rubbish bin you call home and crush you with legal jargon.
  5. You are required to make a monthly donation to fund the servers. Please make all cheques out to:
    Island in middle of Caribbean Sea,
    Somewhere the tax men can't find him
    And definitely not the Netherlands Antilles

Miraheze staff

  1. All Miraheze staff must undergo a humorectomy, removing all traces of a sense of humour and other such human character traits.
  2. Miraheze staff (drones) are employed to do our bidding and if you should encounter one, may God have mercy on you.
  3. Miraheze staff have a chip implanted in their head which limits them to the following stock phrases:
    • "I apologise if you misunderstood, but I am in charge here"
    • "That may well be your opinion, but ours is the one that matters"
    • "I have answered this before. Please fruitlessly search the forums for hours before you realise I made the comment on an extremely small and insignificant wiki somewhere on the outskirts of the server only accessed by computers in the hamlet of Townsville, Kerguelen"
  4. Miraheze staff can meddle in your business all they like. They work on behalf of the Overlords, who will delete your wiki in a second's notice and deny any knowledge of your site ever existing.


  1. You are, of course, free to leave at any time. However, there have been (unconfirmed, we must stress) reports of ex-Miraheze users being found beaten by large robots with Not part of the Wikimedia Corp. Inc., honest guv emblazened across the back.
  2. Don't mess with us, we know where you live.

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