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MTM Enterprises is a TV and movie company making (TBA), and also distributes prints from various movie companies throughout the world. It was founded in 1912 and was headquartered in Seattle, WA. They released their first movie (after 2 years in the making), (TBA), in 1914. Up until 1939, they didn't have a logo to start or end movies.

In 1969, actress Mary Tyler Moore created the famous cat that MTM Enterprises has used as a mascot since 1970. Moore named her Mimsie by the time she was created. Mimsie was voiced by (TBA)

During the late 80s, a limited number of Argosy Pictures movies listed MTM to be its distributor. The sales had turned out very well, and all statistics were popular for Argosy and MTM. It had gotten up to the point that Argosy asked one of MTM's sister companies, TVS Entertainment, to be its distributor. As of 2019, most of MTM's movies and TV shows were distributed via Argosy Media and eOne.

In 1998, MTM bought Fox Family Worldwide from its owner, News Corporation, and renamed it to Freeform Productions.

On April 23, 2012, KMF Networks wanted to put their shows on MTM networks, which MTM accepted to do. KMF has a joint venture with ITV plc, that produces all ITV shows. ITV also allows KMF to show its shows on the MTM Network.

On April 12, 2018, MTM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They got out of this by selling several films to Entertainment One and Argosy Pictures.

MTM launched a network called ITV America on June 3, 2018 with the association of ITV plc. It airs all of the ITV shows from 1955 to present, as well as some original MTM media, too.

Mimsie even has her own TV show called Mimsie and Friends on The MTM Channel.

The four-note theme from the (TBA)th logo is very popular and is used in most logos with Mimsie. It is known as "Mimsie's Ditty".

This company was founded in March 26, 1912, and the stylized "MTM" lettering had been MTM's official logo since 1913.

On March 26, 2012, MTM celebrated a special 100th anniversary with a new logo.


Logos (W.I.P.)

(TBA)th Logo (2008-2012)

Logo: On a black background, a red M wiggles in. Then, a blue T fades in. Then, a green M falls down, forming the familiar "MTM" wordmark. Then, we zoom out to reveal the MTM ribbon, but no Mimsie. "MTM" moves to the bottom. Then we see Mimsie zoom out of the screen. A blue floating light glows behind her, which then moves to the left of the logo and changes to a yellow color. It then moves below the MTM wordmark and draws a yellow underline while "ENTERPRISES" (in yellow and in MTM Peignot font) "drops down" along it. Sparks can be seen forming under the yellow line as it is drawn under the logo. The light then flies off-screen. Then, the byline "An MTM Holdings Company" forms from light streaks under the logo, and Mimsie meows.


  • Sometimes, "ENTERPRISES" isn't seen.
  • There is a Saudi/UAE variant in which the Logo is mirrored and all the text is in Arabic.
  • Starting in 2009, the logo is remade in HD.

FX/SFX: Nice animation.

Music/Sounds: Mimsie's Ditty and the meow.

Avabillity: (TBA)

(TBA)th Logo (2012-)

Logo; (TBA)

Trivia:This logo was animated by MTM Animation Studios.


  • An abridged version is featured at the end of movies and TV shows.
  • Sometimes, it says "MTM FILMS" instead of "MTM ENTERPRISES".
  • A prototype version exists.
  • A 100th anniversary version exists.

FX/SFX: Very nice CGI. Same with Mimsie's animation.

Music/Sounds: (TBA)

Music/Sounda Variants:

  • On European TV airings of (TBA), the full 2015 Entertainment One fanfare is heard over the long cinematic film version of the logo, resulting in one of the sloppiest plastering jobs to walk the face of the earth. This is likely due to using a MTM-owned TV print with audio from an EOne-owned master.
  • On early MTM prints of (TBA), the 2010 Entertainment One audio is heard over the long cinematic film version of the logo, due to a plaster error.

Availability: Current.

Scare Factor: None, though it may be annoying to people who prefer the previous or older MTM logos.