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Gender: Male
Type: Logo Kid, Backstabber
Date Joined: 2020
Total score: -7

Lucasrighthere, also known as LoretoYes on DeviantArt, is a Brazilian user who uses wiki admins as a shield.

Why He's Atrocious

  1. He pretends to be against the Great Dream Purge, but he also wants DFW to die, making him a hypocrite.
  2. He thinks that KATMAKROFAN is Maltese instead of Canadian, based solely on a video made by Josephdapro, a globally-banned underaged troll.
  3. He made a page on the "Unfavourable Users" wiki about Katma, just because of a few nitpicks, as well as lies spread by guilt-tripping KMF haters.
  4. What makes the above point worse is that the admins obsessively defend the page, despite evidence of Lucas being a troll.
  5. As shown by one of his journals on DA, he is xenophobic against English-speaking people.
  6. He says that he's a native speaker of Brazilian, but he can't speak Portuguese, but in reality, these two are the same language. That's like saying you're a native speaker of American, but can't speak British, when these are both varieties of English.
  7. He pretended to support KATMAKROFAN, only to backstab her.


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