Kristy and the "Blue Juice"

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Kristy: Daddy!

Kammie's Dad: What?

Kristy: I drank the weird blue juice I found in the garage!

Dad: (gasps) Oh my god! CHASTITY, COME DOWN HERE!

Kammie's Mom: What is it?

Dad: Kristy may have drank antifreeze!

(Mom rushes downstairs)

Mom: Kristy, what did you do?

Kristy: I was in the garage! I found this blue juice that looked tasty, so I drank it! It tastes so bad! Now my tummy really hurts!

Mom: I'm going to check the garage.

(Mom goes into the garage. She finds that the antifreeze hasn't been tampered with. However, she finds an empty bottle of blue Gatorade, as well as a 6-pack of said sports drink.)

Mom: Whose idea was it to store this stuff in the garage? This goes in the fridge!


Moral: Evidence may seem convincing, but not everything is 100% true. Don't assume things to be the truth, even it it seems plausible.