Kammie and the Pee Dream

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(Kammie is fast asleep in her bed. She is having a dream.)

(In the dream...)

(Kammie is waiting in line for the school bathroom. When it's her turn, she goes in, gets into a stall, and uses the toilet. When she is finished, she goes to wash her hands. However, before she can get to the sink, her alarm clock wakes her up from the dream. She wakes up to find that she has wet herself.)

Kammie: What the? (stares at the pee stain for 5 minutes in disbelief)

(Kammie gets some clean clothes from her dresser and puts them on. She then goes to the bathroom and gets the hair dryer. She plugs it in to the outlet in her room and uses it to dry off her sheets. After she's cleaned her sheets, she does her usual morning routine.)

Kammie: Glad that's been dealt with. I hope my sisters don't find out I peed the bed. They will make fun of me for it. I keep having this dream at least once every year, and it always makes me wet myself.

(The next day...)

(Kammie is having the exact same dream she had the previous night. She wakes up to the same result.)

Kammie: Again? Why did I have this dream 2 nights in a row? I had this dream 2 times last year, but these were months apart! I'm almost 12 years old! I shouldn't be peeing the bed!

(Again, Kammie gets some clean clothes, uses a hair dryer to dry off her sheets, then does her usual morning routine.)

(That night, Kammie finds herself unable to sleep.)

Kammie: What if I have that dream again? I'm too scared to go to sleep... Wait! I have an idea! Before I go to bed, I should go to the bathroom, even if I don't feel like I need to go pee. And I shouldn't get myself glasses of water before bed, even if I'm really thirsty. That way, I won't pee the bed.

(Kammie goes to the bathroom and uses the toilet, even though she doesn't feel like she needs to pee. However, she manages to pee anyway. She then washes her hands.)

(The next night, instead of getting herself a glass of water like she used to, Kammie goes to the bathroom to pee before she goes to bed. She keeps doing this every night after that. She is no longer bothered by the "pee dream".)


Moral: If you change your habits, you can prevent bad things from happening to you.