Kammie and the Party

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(New characters: Michelle, a rich 13-year-old girl who is the most popular student at Kammie's middle school, and Jacob, her older brother who attends Kandy's high school and is a talented football player.)

(One day, at Highpoint Middle School, in Amuka City, BC, Canada...)

Michelle: Hey. Does anyone want to go to my party this Saturday?

Kammie: Yes!

Xandra: Yeah!

Michelle: It's at my mansion, which is on 3112 Regina Drive.

(Meanwhile, at Mount Pleasant High School...)

Jacob: I have a party at my mansion on Saturday. Do you wanna come?

Kandy: Of course! I would love to go to a party with our star quarterback!

(At the party, which is taking place in an indoor pool inside a mansion...)

Jacob: Does anyone want some of my special iced tea?

Kammie: Yes! I love iced tea!

(Kammie drinks some of Jacob's iced tea, and passes out after about 5 minutes. When she wakes up 3 hours later, she is lying down in a rusty bathtub, located in a locked and abandoned bathroom inside a subbasement, and all of her clothes have been removed.)

Kammie: Huh? What happened? Where are all my clothes? And why is there sticky white stuff all over me?

(Meanwhile, at the pool...)

Kandy: Jacob, what the heck did you do to my little sis? I had no idea how much of a monster you were! Take THIS!

(Kandy picks up Jacob and throws him into the pool. He almost drowns, but is rescued by a lifeguard.)

(The next day...)

Michelle and Jacob's mom: Jacob, I had no idea you would do that to an 11-year-old girl! I HAVE NO SON! I've called the cops, and YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!

(Jacob went to jail for felony child abuse. He is currently serving a life sentence without parole.)


Moral: Don't be abusive in any way (sexual, physical, or verbal) towards other people. Be kind.