Kammie and the New Student

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(New character: Nathan Shapiro, a 11-year-old boy who recently moved to Amuka City. He is a new student at Highpoint Middle School, and is in Kammie's class. Kammie has a crush on him, and Nathan has a crush on her.)

(One morning, at Ms. Jackson's class at Highpoint Middle School...)

Ms. Jackson: I'd like to introduce a new student. Meet Nathan.

Nathan: Hello. I have one question.

Ms. Jackson: What is it?

Nathan: What is the name of that girl with the blue and pink hair? I think I like her, and I haven't even talked to her.

Ms. Jackson: That's Kammie. She's one of the best students in the class.

Kammie: Thanks for the compliment, Nathan.

(At lunch, in the cafeteria...)

(Nathan has decided to sit at the same table that Kammie and Xandra sit at. He sits to the left of Kammie, and Xandra is on Kammie's right.)

Xandra: What's with you and that boy? You've been looking at him all day. He seems to like you, but why are you so obsessed with him? We're supposed to be best friends, but you haven't talked to me all day.

Kammie: I'm sorry for not talking to you. We're still friends, right?

Xandra: Yeah....

Kammie: I admit it. I kinda like him too. I think it's something about the way he looks. He wears nice-smelling cologne, and his hair is perfectly combed.... He's the only boy in class who has no zits, and he told me during math class that he gets up at 5 am and spends a full hour in the bathroom taking care of himself. I get up at 6:30, and I only spend 5 minutes in the shower, followed by brushing my teeth, applying my deodorant, and dyeing my hair.

(Nathan blushes)

(After school, while everyone is waiting for the bus...)

Nathan: I'm sorry, but my parents won't let me have a girlfriend until I'm 18.

Kammie: Wha?

Nathan: If they find out that I have a crush on a girl, they will flip. They won't let my older sister talk to any boys on her phone, and when my younger brother admitted that he had a crush on a girl in kindergarten last year, back when my family was still living in Ontario, then my dad spanked him.

Kammie: I'm sorry to hear that.

Nathan: But we can still be friends at school.

Kammie: I already have a best friend.

Nathan: I didn't mean "BFFs". I just meant normal friends.

Kammie: Okay then. By the way, how old are your siblings?

Nathan: My sister is 16, and my brother is 6.

Kammie: You know what? My sisters have the same ages.

(The bus comes, and Kammie, Nathan, and the other students get on it.)


Moral: Don't be afraid to admit you have a crush on someone.