Kammie and the Laxative

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Kammie: What is this strange chocolate bar doing in the bathroom? I'm going to eat it and find out what it's for.

*30 minutes later*

(Kammie is in her room.)

Kammie: Ugh, I don't feel so good... I need to go to the bathroom...

(Kammie goes to the bathroom to use the toilet. She immediately has diarrhea due to the chocolate laxative.)

Kammie: Oh my gosh! It smells so bad! And it's taking FOREVER to come out!

(Kandy knocks on the door.)


(About 10 minutes later, Kammie is finished. She wipes her butt, then flushes the toilet.)

Kammie: Now I know what "laxative" means...

(Kammie comes out; Kandy comes in.)

Kandy: What happened to that laxative chocolate bar? I was gonna use that for a prank... But I really need to pee.


Moral: Don't eat stuff you find in the bathroom, even if it looks like candy. It might make you very sick.