Kammie and the False Positive

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(Kammie is in the bathroom. She sees one of Kandy's unused pregnancy tests. Being bored (there's nothing to do since it's the middle of Spring Break and all her friends are on vacation except her), she decides to pee on it, resulting in a false positive result.)

Kammie: WHAT THE HECK? I'm only 11-and-a-half years old! I haven't even got my first period yet! And I DON'T DO GROSS THINGS WITH BOYS!

(After washing her hands, she comes downstairs and shows her mom the pregnancy test.)

Kammie: Why is it saying that I'm pregnant? That's not even possible...

Kammie's Mom: That's called a false positive. I'm going to look it up and see what it could be.

(Kammie's mom looks up "false positive pregnancy test" online. She clicks on the first result.)

Kammie's Mom: It says here that it might be your antipsychotic meds. You're not pregnant, but the medications that you're taking are fooling the pregnancy test into thinking that you are.

Kammie: Thanks!


MORAL: Don't always believe everything you see.