Kammie and Kandy's Halloween Prank

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(DO NOT TRY THIS PRANK AT HOME. Innocent children who don't know any better could get killed by it.)

(October 31, 2019)

Kandy: Chocolate laxatives?

Kammie: Check.

Kandy: Steel wool?

Kammie: Check.

Kandy: Dog biscuits?

Kammie: Check.

Kandy: Rat poison?

Kammie: Check.

Kandy: Lye pellets?

Kammie: Check.

Kandy: This is gonna be the best Halloween prank ever. Mom and Dad are out trick-or-treating with Kristy. They left us alone by ourselves. They don't know yet that I have my own credit card. I got you to buy all that stuff with it, and now, I'm going to give it out to these little crotch goblins instead of candy.

(50 gullible trick-or-treaters later...)

(Someone knocks on the door. Kandy answers.)

Some parent: You gave my children LAXATIVES and RAT POISON instead of candy! I am calling the police on you! (runs away and slams the door)

Kammie: Uh-oh. (runs away to her room)

Kandy: Uh-oh. (locks the door, closes all the blinds, turns off most of the lights, and lies down on the sofa) (the police break a window and come into the house 10 minutes later)

Police officer: Which one of you gave children inedible substances instead of candy?


Police officer: You're under house arrest until Remembrance Day. (puts handcuffs around Kandy, just as Mom, Dad, and Kristy come home)

Mom: WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED? WHY ARE THERE COP CARS EVERYWHERE? WHY IS ONE OF THE WINDOWS BROKEN? Good thing I have the master key to this house. (uses the master key and unlocks the door) (sees Kandy in handcuffs) WHAT HAPPENED?

Kandy: I got Kammie to buy laxatives, steel wool, dog treats, rat poison, and lye so that I could give these things out today instead of candy. The police found out and now I'm under house arrest until Remembrance Day. I can't even go to school.


Kandy: No. I gave her my own credit card.

Mom: YOU GOT YOUR OWN CREDIT CARD WITHOUT ASKING ME OR DAD? Now, I understand Kammie is innocent. She's only 11, and probably didn't know that this isn't a very good prank. But you, Kandy Delgado, are in BIG trouble. I'm taking away your credit card, your phone, and your laptop.

Kandy: WHAT? NO!

Mom: Yes. Also, you're grounded to your room until your house arrest is over.

(Kandy goes upstairs to her room)

(Kammie overheard all this; she goes downstairs to see what happened)

Kammie (crying): I'm sorry for buying that stuff instead of candy. Next Halloween, there will be real candy. And I'm sorry for getting involved in my sister's stupid pranks.

Mom: Apology accepted.


Moral: Don't play mean pranks on innocent kids who don't know any better,