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KammieLand Studios (stylized as Kammieland Studios) is a company and animation studio founded in 1985, formely by the creator of Josiah City, Josiah F., and later bought by Theresa H. and renamed Kammieland Studios in 1997. 


KammieLand Studios was founded in 1985 by Theresa H. and Josiah F.

On January 2016, several long-time employees left KammieLand’s Japan studios to create an anime company Bridge Studios (operating in Osaka, Japan, and Victoria, Canada), that, unlike other anime companies, animates own anime's episodes, in addition to dubbing and subbing others' anime series. The reason for this departure is undisclosed, but anonymous sources have said that the departure has something to do with the relationship between MTM Enterprises and KammieLand Studios, being called "unfair to KLS".


The Victoria, BC facility is housed in a large building at Theresa H's KammieLand Ranch, on the outskirts of Downtown Victoria. The building was designed by Viennese architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000). It was originally built for the Greater Victoria School District, and went under the name of "Victoria Special Needs Educational Center". The building was completely gutted and Friedensreich redesigned the interior when Theresa took ownership. It also has deliberately uneven floors designed for their tactile effect on occupants' feet. There are no right angles or regular designs, except in the basement, and the food court style cafeteria (which operates as a Sminster).

The Seattle, WA facility is a converted apartment complex, and has 120 floors.




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