Kammie, Kandy, and the Nair

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(It is 10 PM on Friday, December 20th, which coincidentally, was the last day of school before Winter Break. Kandy is in her bedroom. She finds that she can't get to sleep.)

Kandy (to herself, very quietly): What should I do? All of my sisters and parents are asleep, but I'm still awake. Wait... I have an idea! Kammie likes to dye her hair in these bright colours that give me headaches. What if I put Nair in her hair dye, to make her freak out? Which kind of parents let an 11-year-old dye her hair anyway?

(Kandy tiptoes into the bathroom. While in there, she puts Nair into the bottles of cyan and magenta hair dye.)

Kandy (very quietly): Heh heh heh... Delightfully devilish, Kandy.

(Kandy tiptoes back into her bedroom.)

(In the morning (Saturday the 21st of December)...)

(Kammie is in the bathroom. She gets out of the shower.)

Kammie: Almost done... Now I need to dry off.

(Kammie dries her hair using a blow dryer, and towels herself off. She then puts her clothes on.)

Kammie: I almost forgot! I need to dye my hair!

(Kammie applies her hair dye in front of the mirror. However, she doesn't realize that there is Nair in the bottles. She watches in horror as her hair falls out.)

Kammie: WHAT THE HECK?! *screams*

Kandy (outside the bathroom door): *laughs*

(Kammie comes out of the bathroom.)

Kandy: Heh heh heh! Baldy!

Kammie: Did you put that stuff in my hair dye? Answer me honestly.

Kandy: Um... Um... Yes, I did.


Dad (from downstairs): I'm trying to watch TV! Leave me alone!

(However, their (step)mother comes upstairs almost immediately.)

Mom: Kammie? Oh my gosh! What happened to your hair?!

Kammie: Kandy put something in my hair dye that made my hair fall out.

(Mom goes into the bathroom. She finds that the hair dye has been tampered with (judging by its smell), and half the bottle of Nair has been emptied. She puts two and two together and concludes that Kandy has misused the Nair.)

Mom: KANDY! I warned you not to mess with the Nair when you were 13! Remember when you swapped the Nair with the Rogaine? I thought you wouldn't touch that stuff again after the lecture I gave you, but you obviously haven't learned! You are grounded to your room until New Year's Day!

(Kandy goes to her room.)

Mom: Kammie, I'll get you some new hair dye later today. Don't worry. Your hair will grow back by the time you get back to school.

Kammie: Thanks.