Kammie's World (Seasons 10-20)

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Why These Seasons Suck

  1. Awful writing that doesn't stay true to the show.
  2. Many of the characters have gotten flanderized terribly to the point of being unlikable and completely lacking the charm they previously had.
    • Kammie has turned from an innocent girl to a crybaby and a butt monkey.
    • Kandy has gone from a prankish older sister who still respects her younger sisters to an annoying older sister who abuses Kammie.
    • Xandra has gone from a typical best friend to a mean-spirited, callous and malicious backstabber.
    • Nathan has become more unlikeable than usual in some episodes.
  3. A lot of bad episodes, to the point that the episodes that had their individual pages here once cluttered this wiki and the writers had no idea what they were thinking.
  4. While there are a handful of good jokes, the humor has become pretty lackluster, which is a shame considering that the previous seasons are well known for very clever and hilarious humor.
  5. Some episodes are very mean-spirited.
  6. The humor is mostly offensive, insulting, and forced, mainly consisting of incredibly stupid jokes and getting crap past the radar.
  7. It's overly random and lots of things are excessively out-of-place.
  8. Horrid dialogue.
  9. Animation errors in many episodes.
  10. The gang barely goes on adventures.
  11. It almost ruined the Kammie x Nathan relationship by having Nathan being either psychotically obsessed with Kammie or very abusive to her, as well as Kammie stating in no uncertain terms that she doesn't love Nathan AT ALL.
  12. Pretty bad morals in a lot of episodes. Some examples include:
    • "Much to Do About Nothing" encourages kids to commit Ponzi schemes
    • "Ploy Story" teaches that responsibility is the worst thing ever and that if your friends are responsible members of society, their lives are horrible and you absolutely must screw them over
    • "Great Dodgeballs of Fire" basically says "cheaters always win"
    • "Mad About Hugh" encourages glory-hounding and showboating
    • Several episodes are anti-intellectual, stating that intelligence is fatal for your health; one episode in particular states that intelligence makes you an insufferable, judgemental, overly-critical who no one wants to be friends with
    • "She Loves Me Not" is all about sexism, and teaches that cooties exist
    • "The Endless Bummer" preaches blind Keclian nationalism by portraying Keclia as the greatest nation to ever exist and demonizing Canada as an evil empire seeking to use maple syrup to bring Keclia back under trust territory control
    • "Dangerous Daycare" encourages hoarding, a very serious psychological problem
    • Some episodes are extremely preachy and even stray into pro-SJW territory
  13. Bad editing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When Theresa Kaine (the creator the show) saw the poor quality of the bad seasons, she made a campaign called #SaveKW which would involve firing Gary "Gengar" Tay and Nathaniel Aquino who were running the show from Seasons 10-20, bringing back the old writers, putting the show on a brief hiatus, and canceling the rest of Season 20 in December 2012. Due to the campaign the show was brought back in August 2013 and better than ever as it went back to the roots of the shows first nine seasons.
  2. There are KW fans who like these seasons and can say good reasons to defend them.
  3. There are still plenty of enjoyable episodes like "TBA" TBA
  4. The new HD intro from mid-season 20 onwards is good.
  5. The main voice cast hasn't changed, and the acting is mostly good.
  6. This show did eventually improve. It has massively redeemed itself since Season 20 when the animation switched to DHX.
  7. The animation is still great as the original franchise.
  8. a handful of jokes are funny.
  9. Not all of the writing is horrible. Some of the writing in the show is decent for example TBA, TBA TBA and TBA
  10. The voice acting is very good.
  11. Season 21 is a major improvement.