Kammie's World: All Grown Up

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Kammie's World: All Grown Up is a Keclian television children's animated show. A sister programme to Kammie's World, it was aimed at slightly older audiences.

It ran from 1998 until 2002, and was broadcast on weekend mornings on Network Seven. While Kammie's World had a more gentle, inanimate feel, taking place in a middle school and had the cast as preteens, All Grown Up was much more lively, featuring the characters 5 years later. Like its sister programme, the show was animated at KMF Studios.

According to the Keclian Children's Television Guide and the lostshows.kc website, much of this series is no longer in the archives. Out of (TBA) editions, (TBA) no longer exist, with some episodes having been wiped in the early 2010s.