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The Delgado family

  • Kamilla "Kammie" Maria Faye Delgado (age 11): The main character. A girl who is curious about the world around her. She sometimes makes bad decisions, but most of the time, she's a nice person.
  • Kandy Michelle Fiona Delgado (age 16): Kammie's older sister. Kammie looks up to her as a role model, despite the fact that she plays mean-spirited pranks on other people, including her younger sisters. She has a condition known as gigantism, causing her to be taller than most adults.
  • Kristina "Kristy" McKayla Fifi Delgado (age 6): Kammie's younger half-sister. Her parents are overprotective of her, and won't let Kammie or Kandy near her. Despite being in grade 1, she still behaves like a toddler.
  • Stripes (age 6 months): Kammie's black tabby kitten which she got from the SPCA. Kristy is kind of jealous that Stripes gets more attention than her.
  • Katherine "Katie" Mandy Flynn Delgado (age 22): Kammie and Kandy's older sister who moved out at age 18. She is basically an older version of Kammie, except without some of Kammie's problems. ("Flynn" is her mother's maiden name, BTW. Her mother was the late Kiara Melania Delgado née Flynn, who died when giving birth to Kammie. Her father decided that all of their children had to have the initials "KMFD", and this continued even after he married Chastity Delgado née Harris (Kristy's mom).)

Other characters

  • Xandra Danielle Brown (age 11): Kammie's classmate and best friend. Is adopted, as she was abused by her African-American parents (the Jones family), and was taken away and given to a currently 22-year-old single woman (one of Katie's elementary school classmates, coincidentally) by Child Protective Services at age 7.
  • Paul (age 16): Kandy's boyfriend.
  • Geuda (age 16): Kandy's classmate and best friend.