Kammie's 12th Birthday

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(12:01 AM, July 20, 202█)

(Kammie is sleeping in her bed. Suddenly, Kandy knocks on her door, waking her up.)

Kammie: What is it? I'm trying to sleep.

Kandy: It's midnight, you silly. Don't you remember? It's July 20th. Happy birthday.

Kammie: Oh. The big one-two. I'm not that excited, because I know exactly *what* will happen sometime later this year, but I hope *that* bloody event, if you know what I mean, at least makes my parents and sisters stop treating me like a little girl.

Kandy: I do know what you mean. I want to be there when it happens, just to see you freak out. Also, they always treat their daughters like little girls. Even after you move out and have kids of your own, you will still be a little girl to them. "That bloody event" won't change that.

Kammie: Well, that sucks. They call it "becoming a woman" for nothing, I guess.

Kandy: Yeah, they really do. You're still legally a little girl until you turn 18.

Kammie: I want to go back to sleep now. I'm still tired.

Kandy: Fine.

(Kandy goes back to her room.)

(7:00 AM)

(Kammie's alarm clock rings, waking her up again. Kammie hits "snooze".)

Kammie: (singing) Happy birthday to me...

(Kammie's (step)mom comes upstairs)

Kammie's Mom: (interrupting): Kammie, I have a surprise for you.

Kammie: What is it?

Kammie's Mom: I want you to come downstairs with me. Your dad and sisters are already down there.

(When Kammie and her mom come downstairs....)

Kammie's Mom: I have an announcement to make, girls. You might be getting a baby brother or sister sometime around Christmas.

Kammie, Kandy, and Kristy (together): WHAT?

Kandy: We only have 4 bedrooms! Where are we going to put a crib?

Kristy: Yay! I'm gonna be a big sister!

Kammie: Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

Kammie's Mom: I don't know yet.

Kammie: I know this is off-topic, but where are my birthday presents?

Kammie's Mom and Kammie's Dad (together): Birthday? What birthday? Oh.... We're sorry we forgot.

Kandy: I almost forgot too. By the time I realized, it was midnight, and I was having trouble getting to sleep.

(A few hours later, after everyone is bored of talking about the baby...)

Kammie: Can I go to Xandra's house? I don't think she's the kind of person that would forget.

Kammie's Mom: Yes, you may.

(Kammie gets dressed and goes to Xandra's house. She knocks on the door, and is immediately greeted by all of her Grade 6 classmates.)


Kammie: You scared me....

Xandra: Sorry.... All of your friends are here.

Kammie: I hope I get cool presents. My parents forgot my birthday.

Xandra: I would never forget. We are BFFs, after all. The presents are on the kitchen table.

(Kammie comes inside and goes to the kitchen.)

Xandra: You came a little late, so there's no chocolate cake left.

Kammie: You don't need cake to have a good birthday, as long as there's presents.

Xandra: There's a lot of presents - one from each classmate. Open Nathan's first. There's something special in there.

Kammie: I will, but wouldn't it make more sense to open your present first, since we ARE BFFs?

Xandra: Fine. But after that, open Nathan's.

(Kammie opens Xandra's present. Inside the box is a pink bicycle helmet and a pair of pink rollerblades.)

Kammie: THANK YOU! I didn't even know I wanted these! I'm gonna wear them all the time!

(Kammie puts the helmet and rollerblades on.)

Xandra: Now open Nathan's present.

Nathan: There's something special in that box for you.

(Kammie opens Nathan's present. Inside the box is a makeup kit, along with a Valentine card, with "VALENTINE'S DAY" crudely crossed out and "BIRTHDAY" written underneath.)

Kammie: I don't like wearing makeup.... But thanks for the card!

Nathan: I wanted to give it to you at school on Valentine's Day, but I was sick and I had to stay home, so I repurposed it as a birthday card.

Kammie: "I love you"..... How sweet!

(Half an hour (and 21 presents) later....)

Kammie: Thanks for all the electronics, clothes, and other stuff! But what will we do, now that there aren't any more presents to open?

Xandra: We'll play some games, you silly. And then we're gonna have a sleepover until the 23rd.

Kammie: Why the 23rd? My parents will worry about me....

Xandra: That's my birthday, and I'm having another big party then.

Kammie: Where are your presents, then?

Xandra: They're being stored in my room.

Kammie: Oh crud. I didn't bring you a present. Wait a minute....

(Kammie gives Xandra the makeup kit.)

Xandra: Thank you! It might be regifting, but that's sweet!

Nathan: I just picked something random that my older sister didn't want anymore anyway, since I didn't have any ideas for a gift. I don't care what happens to it.

(Kammie, Xandra, Nathan, and their friends played fun games, and then had a sleepover.)

Moral: Friends make everything better.