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Kamilla Maria Faye Delgado, known as Kammie, is the main character of Kammie's World. She is a tomboyish 11.5-year-old girl who is curious about the world around her. She sometimes makes bad decisions, but most of the time, she's a nice person.


  • She was born on July 20, 20██.
  • Her mom died while giving birth to her, which is odd because she had given birth to 2 other children (Katie and Kandy) successfully, even though Kandy required a C-section to deliver. (Her father married another woman, his high school prom date, when Kammie was 3 years old.)
  • She doesn't eat much food, and is mostly skin and bones.
  • She has a problem with peeing her pants, and she still wets the bed.
  • She has a condition known as "delayed puberty": while most girls start puberty around age 10, she won't start puberty until she takes special hormone medications, which her parents will start giving her when she turns 12. This is because she has a condition known as gonadal dysgenesis, which causes her ovaries to not work, preventing her body from producing pubertal hormones, therefore preventing her from developing breasts (keeping her flat-chested) or menstruating.