Great Kittenolivia Purge

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The Great Kittenolivia Purge is the removal of all Kittenolivia content from Dream Fiction Wikia. It started in May 2019 when KamafaDelgato021469 requested all Kittenolivia pages be removed from DFW. This was promptly carried out by Ootwar, an admin on the DFW. However, when Kamafa returned to DFW in September 2019, she found that there were still several pages that mentioned Kittenolivia. She requested that an admin remove these mentions. This was done by AmazingTLM. This is a good thing, because now Kamafa can work on her new country, CalicoValdezland.

In late September 2019, all Kittenolivia pages were removed from Kamafa's personal Miraheze site (this wiki), as Kamafa found Kittenolivia to be old cringe.