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Generic DeviantArt Groups are groups ran by Deviants (people who use DeviantArt) that are filled with "so-called" good users and bad users, which are mostly immature users, who think they have authority (when in fact, they do not). These groups used to be good; but unfortunately, they have now devolved into cults. And what makes them worse is the fact that users from these groups have extremely poor grammar, they tend to commit caps raging like babies, and were beginning to behave like the Peachriots (which is worse enough, but still see them as their arch-enemies) and in worse cases, some of them are racist or even homophobic and sexist. As of 2019 or earlier, these groups have been mostly ran by underage users. These groups have been going on since about 2014.

Why They're Toxic

  1. These groups are mostly ran by immature users.
  2. Extremely poor to terrible grammar for most of the users in these groups.
  3. The members of these groups think they have authority, when in reality, they do not.
  4. Opinion Bashing.
  5. Most of these groups, as well as the members of the groups are warlike, unlikable, and mean-spirited.
  6. These groups are all over the internet nowadays and attacking other websites with their toxic fandoms.
  7. Extremely toxic and horrible fanbase for these groups.
  8. They cause chaos all over the internet by making ban petitions, prank deviations, Singapore parodies, and bad mocks.
  9. The members of these groups believe that good and bad users exist, when in reality, they don't. We are all just regular users. Not every user is 100% good or bad, you know. Nobody is perfect.
  10. These groups were started by a user named Rupert Leabres, who is the leader of the RTSNDN, and literally ruined the whole DeviantArt website, just like Adamkleinschmidt2003 did to GoAnimate/Vyond with the grounded videos. Even if it was bad, it was a lot better back in 2017.
  11. They are intended to ruin your reputation, respect, love, and trust because of what they can do to manipulate and use you. So do not go near these guys, they are scammers that want to tarnish your image.
  12. They're hypocrites.
  13. The members of these groups can't handle opinions, so they bash on people's opinions on something they like or dislike.
  14. Ruins people's reputations, respect, and trust because of these groups.
  15. Even worse, they even falsely accuse people of something they didn't do, spread lies about them all over the internet, make ban petitions out of them, etc.
  16. They even get people banned from DA for something they didn't do.