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The Coin is the main currency of Toad Town Online. You get 500 coins when you create an account on TTO. The numeral 1 is engraved on each coin. Coins are earned by players through various methods, including visiting the site daily, having other users visit their Toad House, mini-games, competitions, codes, and salaries. Coins, along with stars, are the only currencies in TTO. The maximum amount allowed is 1 million coins. Compared to stars, coins have very little value. They are mainly used to buy things from the catalog. At the same time, coins also do not require payment and any registered account can earn them. Coins can also be converted into stars through the ToadEX system, and vice-versa.

Coins are known as TTO's primary currency by the community and TTHQ; all paid items created by Approach Software within the catalog are sold for Coins, and user-created content also follows the same rule.

Ways to obtain coins

  • Login bonus: Users earn 10 coins as a daily login bonus.
  • Ambassador program: Users earn 2 coins for each external link leading to TTO they create that is clicked.
  • Toad House visits: Users earn 1 coin for each visit.
  • Currency exchange: You can exchange stars for coins. The value varies based on the state of the market.


  • When starting an account on TTO, players used to get 100 coins, but when the Major Interface & Communications update was released it was changed to 500 coins.
  • Many Toad(ette)s have money makers to use unfair ways to gain coins, however, this is against the TTO rules and may get you banned.
  • You could get 10,000 coins if you called or emailed Approach Software during the Domain Failure.