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Main characters

The two main characters of the series.

  • Alexis Chaton: A 13-year-old catgirl who has the power of breast expansion. She's usually a nice girl, but she is easily angered and may have Tourette's. The main character of the series.
  • Caleb Azulverde: Alexis's human boyfriend. He is half-Caucasian and half-Hispanic. He is nice to Alexis, but he doesn't let any other boys near her, and will beat up any other male who even thinks of touching his girlfriend. All the other boys hate him because of this. For this reason, he has no friends other than Alexis.

Alexis's friends

Alexis's friends at school.

  • Mimi Decatur: Alexis's best friend. A shy and sensitive redhead catgirl with a condition known as "Alexandria's Genesis", which causes her eyes to be purple. She doesn't like getting any attention, positive or negative.
  • Kaylee Devon: A dumb blonde human girl who often gets sent to the hospital due to eating or drinking things she shouldn't (such as Windex, antifreeze, and rat poison). However, she always seems to survive, due to her luck. That doesn't make her any smarter, however. (She thinks the capital of Lusmasia is "L".)
  • Felicia Beelzebub-Delores: A half-human, half-demon girl. (Her father is a direct descendant of the original Beelzebub, and her mother is a witch.) Has an interest in occult things like casting spells and summoning other demons.
  • Anya Moncton: A ghost girl and Mimi's girlfriend. She was a human, but she died when she was 3 because her parents wouldn't vaccinate her. As a ghost, she was adopted by a poltergeist known as Andy, and she continued growing up, even in spiritual form. (That's why she doesn't look like a 3-year-old.) As a ghost, she can levitate, teleport, go through things (such as walls and locked doors), turn invisible, and possess people. She poops (and vomits) ectoplasm. pees clear water, and doesn't get periods. Her blood is blue, like an octopus's.

The above are my "Main 6" characters.

Alexis and Caleb's other classmates

Also kinda friends with Alexis.

  • Iris: A demigoddess with a bunch of swaggy god-tier sh!t, like wings, a halo, a glowing aura around her body, and mind-control and teleportation powers, which all seem cool, but are actually really hard for her to deal with.
  • >�宵」?宵モ? [8将ェ?? (nicknamed by Alexis as Nina): A "character" similar to Missingno from Pokémon, created by a glitch in reality. "She" looks like a glitchy mess of a human base, but "she" actually has a few cool powers (such as time travel), as well as a few that can break the fabric of the universe.

People Alexis hates

These are the people at school that Alexis and her friends hate with a burning passion.

  • Renee Beaumarchois: Another catgirl and one of the most popular girls in school, mainly because she's rich. Is really bad at most subjects; the only reason she isn't expelled is because her parents bribed the school board. Bullies Alexis, Caleb, and their friends for no reason. Her parents are really rich and sit around doing nothing, and once Renee is done school, she'll probably be doing the same thing. (Yes, I know I already used this character back when I was doing these kisekae cats and was obsessed with Bandettos. This version is different because it's a catgirl, not a complete anthro cat.)
  • Destiny Harris: An African-American human girl and an SJW. Blames white people for everything bad and thinks she's better than everyone else because she's black. (She isn't.) She calls herself "Kitty", identifies as "kittengender", and uses "meow/meows/meowself" pronouns, all of which offend Alexis, Mimi, and most of the other catgirls. Renee is the only person who supports her, mainly because she wants to piss Alexis off. If Destiny was a normal girl, then Renee would hate her, too.
  • Karen Koch: A slutty rich human girl who wants all the boys to like her. Alexis hates her for trying (and failing) to "steal" Caleb from her.

Alexis's family

The only real villain

The only real villain in the series.

  • Darxis Notach: An evil clone of Alexis, created by a dark being when she was only 6 months old. She has the same breast-expansion powers as the original Alexis.