Aaron's Great Adventure Director's Cut

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Let us go back to the year 1999. Remember Aaron's Great Adventure? That film caused a lot of buzz and I happen to be a big fan of it myself. It recently piqued my curiosity that there was an unreleased Director's Cut of the film, and as soon as I heard about it, I began a search for it. I tried contacting the people who worked on the film, via emails or phone calls, but I never got a response or I only got an answering machine.

My last resort was contacting Ellen Peck, the person who directed the film. I managed to get on a Skype interview with her, and I asked her general questions like "Where did you get the idea for this film?" and "What did you think of the finished film?" and whatnot. So when I finally asked her about the purported "Director's Cut", she just fell silent. I could see her face going pale. She proceeded to tell me, "Don't look for it. Just let the memory die." She hung up the call right then, and I just sat at my desk, confused. I went to bed.

The next day, I tried emailing Mrs. Peck about the Director's Cut, in an attempt to find out more. I managed to get a response exactly fourty-five minutes later! The email said: "Just give me your address and I will send it to you... if you're sure you want to see it, then I guess I can't stop you. Beware, for the things you will see will forever stay in your mind for the rest of your life." I was unsure if I really wanted to see the Director's Cut at this point, but hey, morbid curiosity got the best of me. So I sent back another email with my address and a "thank you".

About a week later, I received a package from Mrs. Peck herself. It was the Director's Cut VHS tape... strangely it had the exact same design as the regular AGA VHS tape. I popped it in my VHS player (Yes, I still have one) and let it play.

Oh how I wish I could take that back.

Well, the intro of the film was different. You know the Cairo Pictures logo? Well, the shot just... stays there. It just froze on the logo. It didn't move at all. You couldn't even hear the music. It was just total silence. After about six minutes, the tape cut to the scene of Aaron and Sam walking through the city...Wow, this was pretty late in the film. Again, it was dead silence. It cut to static for about five minutes, but again it was silent. The weird thing is that I could make out some sort of video in the static... It looked like Aaron standing over Sam, and Aaron somehow tore open Sam's chest and proceeded to eat his intestines. I nearly vomited, but after the video clip ended, the film cut to the scene where Aaron and Sam are in the mansion to rescue Salli, but again it was silent.

When it got to the scene of Aaron talking to Koko, it once again cut to static. This time there was no hidden video thankfully, and it was just regular static. It cut back to the scene of Aaron and Koko talking. However the scene went on longer than I expected... Koko jumped into the lake and proceeded to drown. This emotionally affected me greatly, as Koko is one of my favorite characters.

It cut to Aaron and Sam at the mansion, when Nanette orders her cronies to kill Aaron and Salli. The disturbing thing is the scene just keeps going. The cronies eventually kill Aaron by beheading him and Salli was thrown into the acid. Instead of the credits rolling there was a message saying" "The dead have risen. Hail Satan." I immediately ejected the tape and threw it away. Unfortunately my mind wasn't quick enough to think to destroy the tape so it is still out there somewhere. If you see a VHS copy of Aaron's Great Adventure, stay away from it...