...or is it?

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(This is 3 days after "The End". The garbage truck driver has been sentenced to life for vehicular manslaughter.)

(Kammie's "dead" body is being transported to the funeral home on a hearse. Suddenly, the driver hears loud knocking coming from within the coffin.)

Driver: What is that? Is that girl really dead?

(He pulls over to check. It appears that Kammie has woken up from her coma.)

Kammie: Where am I?

Driver: I was transporting your body to the funeral home. Everyone thought you were dead. What's your name again? I forgot.

Kammie: My name is Kamilla Delgado. I live on 2718 Alexandra Avenue.

Driver: This can't be... I'm calling 911.

(The driver gets his phone out of his pocket to call 911.)

Operator: This is 911. What's your emergency?

Driver: Hello? I'm on 12th Street, about halfway between the intersections with Davis and Bowes. I was driving the body of Kamilla Delgado to the Newport Funeral Home, but then I heard someone knocking on the coffin. So, I pulled over, opened it up, and it turns out the girl wasn't dead. She was just in a coma.

Operator: She needs to go to hospital to recover. An ambulance is on its way.

(When she gets to the hospital...)

Paramedic: I'm gonna call your parents to let them know that you're not dead.

(The paramedic calls Kammie's parents.)

Paramedic: Hello. Is this Paul or Chastity Delgado?

Kammie's Mom: This is Chastity Delgado.

Paramedic: There was a false alarm. Your daughter is alive. She just woke up from her coma.

Kammie's Mom: Thank goodness! I'll tell her sisters when they get home from school, and my husband when he gets home from work.

Paramedic: I'll keep her here until Wednesday to recover. Luckily, she didn't miss very much school. The crash happened on Friday, and today is Monday.

(When Kammie's parents and sisters get to the hospital after school...)

Kammie's Mom: Kammie! You're okay!

Kammie: The doctor said I have to stay in hospital to recover.

Kandy: I'm so happy to see you! I thought you were gone forever!

Kristy: My big sister is back! Yay!

Kammie's Dad: I love all of my daughters... I was so scared when I heard the news... I'm so happy you're okay.

Paramedic: I have good news and bad news. First, the good news: Kamilla isn't paralyzed.

Kammie's Mom: What's the bad news?

Paramedic: She has a broken leg, and she needs a cast.

Kammie: I know... My leg really hurts... I wish I was dead....

Paramedic: I'm sorry, but we don't offer euthanasia. But we can give you a cast and some crutches.

(After Kammie was given a cast for her broken leg and a pair of crutches, she was let out of the hospital on Wednesday. She went back to school on Thursday.)

THE END (for real this time)

To be continued......?